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I’m Jo Richardson. I’m a graphic designer and lettering artist born in New Zealand, and raised in Australia.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and grew up with the desire to pursue something creative. My love for typography began in 2012 when I took on a bachelor degree in graphic design at university in Australia. I realised that typography is everywhere, and plays an important role in making the world more accessible. So now, with my love for drawing and typography, I combine the two to make custom hand-lettered designs.

After travelling the world, completing my studies, and working 5 years of freelance design, I relocated to Tahiti in 2016 and I began my studio Lionheart Design. My work focuses on meeting the clients needs, producing beautiful work handcrafted with love and care. I do wall murals, branding, chalk-lettering, sign writing, bespoke invitations, print design and custom artworks.

So far I’ve worked for clients based in Australia, Tahiti, France and England. I am currently available for work internationally. Send me a message to talk about your next big project!

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